Pueblo’s new art district revitalizes the city

In a failing economy, it would be very difficult to argue against the opinion that art and creative works industries are some of the biggest victims. With having to work two jobs to barely make rent, many Americans literally cannot afford to stop and enjoy urban art exhibits and displays. Pueblo, a city in southern Colorado, is hoping to fight against that trend, if only within their city.

Downtown Pueblo has been labeled a potential “creative district” by city planners. They are hoping to attract creative entrepreneurs and tourists to the small town, giving them a cultural center to create and enjoy various kinds of artwork, as well as having a space to perform and display their art. At the same time, having such a hub of commerce will also beautify and revitalize the city as a whole, infusing its most central district with new life, and new business.

The stereotypical view of an art district is a bunch of lofts housing the iconic starving artist, selling paintings on street corners. City planners in downtown Pueblo have a much more ambitious goal. The Colorado Creative Industries intends to draw street performers and urban artists, as well as antique dealers and art galleries. They strive, with generous grants to performing arts guilds and theaters, to make Pueblo’s streets come alive with art of all kinds.

This idea has precedent in Salida, Colorado, and Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe. In both of these cities, there was a resurgence of art enthusiasm and culture, as well as an economic stabilization. Perhaps one of its biggest and most mourned casualties can become a major factor in the economy’s rejuvenation


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