National Art Museum features new Video Game Exhibit

Most of the American public would never expect to say: “I’m going to the National Museum of Art to play some video games!” However, the museum’s newest exhibit that opened on March 16, 2012, will have gaming enthusiasts and art lovers alike saying exactly that all over Washington D.C., and soon all over the country. The opening of this ground breaking new exhibit brought in art enthusiasts that normally would have very little interest in visiting a museum, and revitalizing the third floor north of the museum in Washington.

Over the forty years they’ve existed, video games have always drawn in amazing artistic talent to work on their projects. From writers for video game stories to visual artists creating the avatars representing a player in an equally striking, painstakingly created back drop, art has been intrinsic in the industry since the first video game came out forty years ago.

Some critics have expressed a view of the exhibit only appealing to video game enthusiasts, but in response, the creator of the exhibit, Chris Mellicino , says “…Video games are such a part of American culture, and I believe that even if you didn’t grow up playing games, if you come to this exhibition and allow yourself to really explore the messages, the poetry, the social reflection that exists in so many of these games, you may wind up becoming a video game fan yourself.”

The exhibit will be featured in our nation’s capital until September 30th, when it will begin its nationwide tour to ten different American destinations, including major museums like Boca Raton Museum of Art, the Florida International Museum of Art, and the Seattle EMP Museum.


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