Banksy’s Famous Kate Moss at Auction

The famed European urban artist known only as Banksy has put several masterpieces on the auction block for a huge event slated March 23rd. One of the most celebrated pieces up for grabs is a screen print of “Kate Moss”, a beautiful piece of art taking inspiration from the late Andy Warhol. During a sale on the same day entitled Contemporary Two: Modern Design, the print will be displayed alongside Warhol’s ‘Dollar Sign’ screen print.

Art from myriad other artists will be available for purchase, sharing space with these masterpieces. European and American artists alike will be available for as low as three thousand euros, and arriving as high as 50,000 euros. Girl and Balloon, a famous piece created by Banksy is estimated to sell for fifteen thousand euros. Shepard Fairey, a more locally known artist here in the United States will be displaying his works as well, including the widely famous print of then Presidential hopeful Barack Obama, featuring HOPE in big letters on the bottom, and decorated in red and blue.

Before the showcase on the 29th, Banksy’s amazing art will be on display at the auction house, open for the public’s perusal. The auction house also allows for photographs of the collection of art work, allowing a much wider audience to enjoy expensive art without having to break their piggy bank. It may not be quite the same as having british supermodel Kate Moss’ portrait in the living room, but at least the public can enjoy it for a week before it is sold to a private collection



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