Visalia will house an amazing collection of urban art


Visalia, California is currently housing an amazing, if eclectic, cornucopia of urban art. Any time a gallery features urban art, thoughts are evoked of graffiti, mixing a strange minimalist style with flashy backgrounds and surprisingly detailed work. While this breathtaking staple of urban culture will definitely be on display, so too will urban photography, rap music, poetry, and, oddly enough, hair.


Fredo, a renowned artist of Visalia, has proven with this gallery that art can be on any surface or medium, even a human’s hair style. Shaving portraits in to people’s hair has been among Fredo’s art styles evoked with clippers, shaving cream, and no stencils.


The show, Hand Styles Art Show, is sure to be of myriad different styles all over urban Visalia, collected for the first time in one gallery. In an attempt to educate the public, the reception on March 24th invited them in to view these beautiful and hip pieces with courtesy refreshments and explanations about the various styles of art used in the gallery.


Many viewers of art that aren’t as involved in the urban scene mistakenly view urban art as a directionless and pointless expression that, even if beautiful, wasn’t paid for, and often wasn’t asked for. Jean-Michel Basquiat would beg to disagree. A prior collaborator with Andy Warhol as well as the famed fashion designer Armani, Basquiat’s success rests on the shoulders of his success with his urban art work. The truth is, urban art allows people who have no other method of expression to create an amazing work of art that fits seamlessly in to the face of the city.



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