Western Washington University cracks down on vandalism and urban art

Urban art carries the same stereotype as vandalism, and perhaps it is intentional. People often associate urban art with the defacing of property that is vandalism, and many don’t stop to see what amazing artwork can come from a can of spray paint and a city building’s surface. One can’t really blame Western for its stance on vandalism, but it’s a shame that urban art is suffering in the crossfire.

The school’s paint shop works around the clock covering up vandalism and urban art alike, and is currently offering a paltry sum to any information that could lead to the disciplinary measures against a perpetrator of graffiti or vandalism. This is the result of 400 hours being spent last year in covering up graffiti and urban art.

While no one is denying that vandalism has to go, many students are protesting the destroyed works of art all overWesternWashingtonUniversity. A sophomore at Western, one Alexander Kramer, says “The reward is a way for students to see that [the graffiti is] there, to say, ‘Hey, this needs to stop.’ But they shouldn’t be trying to stop all of it.” Kramer goes on to explain how much urban art can beautify the university and brighten people’s days.

Vandalism has given thisBellinghambased college’s paint shop a full work load. Were they only to be a bit more discerning in what they remove around campus, they could half their workload and maintain the creative, beautiful art that so shakes up the daily routine around the college.


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