How art may salvage Baltimore’s declining residency


Baltimore, Maryland used to be a beautiful, thriving city on the east coast, with a mixture of history stretching back to early pioneer days, as well as what used to be a thriving business and economic center. Rampant crime and the declining economy, however, have taken their toll on Maryland’s gem, featuring a famous but ill visited aquarium, sports teams of mixed success, and businesses of all types are either shutting down or moving out.


In a fresh look at the issue, however, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blakein is now courting a new type of resident… artists. By dropping housing costs in the city, and promoting Maryland’s prominent and amazing schools, Rawlings-Blakein is reaching out to this inherently invested type of resident, hoping that the artists, both urban and traditional, will have an active role in aiding the community around them.


Currently, Baltimore has over four thousand empty homes spread throughout its neighborhoods, which is not only uncomfortable; it can be dangerous as well. Houses in disrepair mean possible structural issues, as well as being a blight on the neighborhood. A part of the problem is the economy, but reaching out to artists may just be the population boost Baltimore is looking for.


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