A Matchmaking Service for Artists

ArtHERE  is a brand new free website that just went online, and it serves as a matchmaking service for artists. It doesn’t connect them with other artists for romance and friendship, though. It put them in touch with patrons who have space for murals, or money to buy different mediums of art. For urban artists, it provides an exciting new resource to find legal places where their controversial art won’t just be accepted, it will be asked for.

In the beginning of urban art, most art was done in illegal or unsolicited places, either out of necessity or to make a statement. Unfortunately, the illegal nature of their artwork caused it to be vilified by most who viewed the artwork, which distorted the medium’s image. Instead of allowing artists to continue to get arrested for their masterpieces, ArtHERE is taking steps to ensure artists have their proverbial canvas to express themselves in a way of their own choosing.

Starting in Silicon Valley, ArtHERE is debuting in California, and then based on the results, the team will spread the website to other major cities here in the United States. The website promises to reinvent urban art in a more positive light, and connect cavalier artists with innovative, groundbreaking ideas with patrons who will honor and appreciate their work for what it is: A unique expression of emotions and creativity in an innovative medium.


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