Great contest from Moody’s Foundation comes to a close

The 2012 Moody’s Foundation Mega Math Challenge is over, and the winners have been announced.  Among them, a team of North Hills Seniors coming in with an honorable mention.  These four, Brando Barry, Geneva Jackson, Joe Plazek and Math Ubinger earned a $1,000 prize to be divided equally among them to be used for the higher education.

2012 is the seventh year of the Moody’s Mega Math Challenge and this year over 5,000 students took part in the 14 hour contest to identify the best regions in the country for establishing high speed rail lines as part of a potential nationwide network- a real world issue being debated in Congress right now.  The goal of the contest is to teach the benefit of math, research, critical thinking, and analytical skills in the real world.

This awesome event is sponsored by the Moody’s Foundation and they award a total of $115,000 in prizes every year. Check out their website for a complete list of all of the Moody’s Foundation Mega Math Challenge winners.


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