Michigan’s UICA celebrates its anniversary in a distinctly urban way

Usually, urban art is seen as an artistic medium that isn’t very conductive to a gallery setting. Because of its location driven murals and the importance of a work’s position to its meaning, galleries have largely ignored the field of urban art simply due to infeasibility. The Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, however, isn’t going to let that stop them from having an entire exhibit dedicated to life in urban environments. The multidisciplinary display’s goal is to take a new look at modern art that most enthusiasts do not get to appreciate very often.

Featuring four different films in a two hundred seat theater, workshops, seminars, photography, and canvases, UICA hopes to capture the essence of urban art, and its effect on the cities that house it. The exhibit is called “Urbanity”, a reference to the fact that eighty percent of all Americans live in cities and urban areas. In addition to showing the artwork of famed artistic legends, Urbanity also hopes to show the lives of Americans barely hanging on to the fringes of America’s largest cities.

The artists involved with the gallery’s exhibits have created an amazing array of location driven artwork specifically for this exhibit. The tailored art will hopefully best capture the feeling the exhibit is trying to present: Urban Art is an extension of the city it is born out of. It is as much a fixture of the cityscape as the town hall or court room.


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