A new bill about the US Postal Service pits urban culture against rural

Democrats and Republicans are often the dividing line between many of the bills introduced to Capitol Hill. A new bill about the budget and financial needs of the United States Postal Service is dividing the country along a fairly unfamiliar line: urban residents and rural residents of the United States are fighting a fierce battle of “Not in My Yard” about where USPS will close its post offices.

It’s an unfortunate fact that urban America has the advantage in any kind of fight like this. Primarily because there are simply more residents in urban areas, the vote often greatly favors urban dwellers over less populated areas. The point of democracy is to fit the needs of the majority. The counter point to this is that rural America is claiming office closures in their area will more greatly impact them than closures in more densely populated cities. Whether or not this is true is a matter of great debate.

Some politicians are embracing an entirely different solution, wanting to increase funding to the postal service instead. Unfortunately, the cost of such an initiative causes it to be the least popular option. The postal service, who wrote up the first plan for post office closures, just wants congress to stop pretending that they are so many directors of the postal service, and simply rely upon someone with experience to advise them as to the needs of the post office. Whatever the solution ends up being, this will certainly be an interesting debate.


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