Punch TV may offer urban residents relevant and interesting programming

The culture of cities within these United States has been a difficult concept to nail down. With such a compact blend of ethnicities, ages, and mixed demographics, most urban environments have many subcultures packed in to every city block. Punch TV has created a television network that it hopes will suit the varied entertainment needs and interests of urban America, both with its hip new programming and narrowly targeted advertisements being directed at specifically urban interests.

Joseph Collins, the pioneer who is trying to revolutionize the meaning of urban living, grew up in the dangerous area of Los Angeles, so he can safely be called an authority on urban living. Instead of falling to the illegal, dangerous counter culture all too easy to find in cities, Collins chose to use the creative and ambitious sides of his personality to develop a television station that, with its many dramas and inspirational shows, will help other urban dwellers avoid the pitfalls all too common in American cities today.

Instead of using countless reruns like many stations, Punch TV is primarily airing new television dramas and sitcoms. While most television stations spend in excess of one hundred million dollars on launch, Punch TV spent only ten million. Punch TV is more than just an experiment, it’s a high risk gamble. If Collins’ view of cities in America is accurate, Punch TV could be a hallmark forum for urban society. If it isn’t, Punch TV’s ratings will reflect his error in judgment.


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