Famous actors putting their weight behind improving education

Improving education is a hard topic to come up with an answer for. With no one right answer, everyone is on the lookout for new solutions. Famous actors such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Forest Whitaker may have a new, exciting answer. By promoting art in schools primarily in urban environments, they hope to increase interest in education, as well as decreasing negative behaviors such as truancy and underage crime.

Ask any teenage student in an urban high school, and they will all tell you just about the same thing: High school can be a royal pain. No one wants to wait in a classroom and be lectured at for hours on end. Unfortunately, that’s what has to be done to teach necessary curriculum. Actors like Parker are hoping to create a fine arts and performing arts program in the lowest performing schools that will increase standardized test results and student attendance.

Critics may claim that these arts have little to do with the rest of school, but the truth is that education in music has been proven to aggressively increase math scores directly. In addition to this, if urban students have an exciting, interesting subject to look forward to in the middle of the day, it helps to break up the boring monotony that is all too often the average day of the student. Should this program achieve its probable results, it will hopefully spur on a renaissance in art education in public schools.


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