Artspace Warehouse features Overlooked Art from Urban Scenes

When considering urban art, it’s difficult to see the entire landscape of a city’s culture, simply because of the sheer scope of such an undertaking. Among the miles of murals and edgy new music flowing through the streets, it’s easy to forget that cities such as Los Angeles have a lot to offer when it comes to culture and art. Artspace, a retail gallery featuring independent artists, is currently focusing on this oft overlooked portion of urban culture.

Colleen Sandland will be submitting her paintings of impressionist floral prints, which represent the constant struggle between femininity and beauty, and the struggle to find an identity between these two concepts. Her works show a stark contrast between the beauty of the flowers to the harsh, exacting background of the paintings.

Carl Smith’s works use a mixed medium of painting and photography to create a one of a kind effect on the viewers. By blending the two mediums, he is able to achieve a sense of realism in his work, but also, paradoxically, a sense of the surreal and bizarre.

From the impressionist florals of Los Angeles painter Colleen Sandland to the unique and amazing paintings of Carl Smith, of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Urban Discoveries promises to put a portion of urban culture that is often overlooked on display in their three galleries. Featured in Los Angeles, Zurich, and Cologne, Artspace specializes in selling art for every price range, making art accessible to everyone without devaluing the work of often unnoticed and underpaid artists.


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