New Art District Flourishing in Utica

 Utica, New York is next in line to receive an art community in the heart of their city. It’s been proven in multiple urban areas around the country that art communities in cities such as Utica have been an incredible boon to local economies, as well as a wellspring of culture and beauty. Art districts add a sense of esprit de corps to belonging to a city. Artists have the one of a kind ability to capture the feeling of their urban environments, and give its residents pride and a sense of belonging.

A large portion of Utica’s population is already actively part of the local art scene, and many businesses in the area either show artwork or support their local creative geniuses. Art Districts spur excitement about local restaurants and businesses, driving up sales and orders. While downtown Utica doesn’t have the official title of an art district quite yet, it naturally has the feel known and loved by residents of Santa Fe, New Mexico, or even Los Angeles, California, where art districts have already proven their merit as a boon to the economy.

Monetary incentives for artists and those who support the arts would be a great step in encouraging such an obvious future for Utica. An artistic culture like Utica just needs a small push from local government to spur a sluggish economy in to another financial success story for New York. While the term “starving artist” may be a romantic notion, “rich artist” means a happy artist. Not just that, a rich artist means a rich city.


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