Nature Makes a Comeback in Downtown Los Angeles

In an urban environment like Los Angeles, it’s easy to get lost among the buildings. When surrounded by sprawling skyscrapers on every side, one can forget that there’s anything outside the man-made cityscape rising up on all sides of you. This is an especially relevant issue in elementary school children, who are still deep in their impressionable and highly mutable years of life. A strictly urban environment like Los Angeles can make someone feel trapped sometimes.

At Leo Politi Elementary School, the staff is looking to change all that for their students. By ripping up a considerable portion of a city block, the elementary school has created a safe refuge for birds, bugs, and most importantly, trees. By getting to experience a distinctly natural scene such as this park, children’s natural sense of wonder spurs them to learn more about the world around them. The native flora and fauna cause children to look at their world with a new set of eyes, renewing their lust for learning about the world.

Anyone dubious about the effect this park has on the children need only look at Politi’s standardized testing results. The number of passing students in this park side school has increased by an incredible six times the amount as when they started construction on the park. In addition to providing a beautiful landscape in the heart of urban Los Angeles, the park is actually helping children get the most out of school.


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