Farms in Urban Areas Have Considerable Advantages

The stereotype when considering a farm brings to mind an isolated patch of land, out in the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by other farms, it would have trucks going in and out to bring the food the farm produces to the city that consumes it. In Buffalo, New York, farmer Carol Anne Sayle has created a paradox in what we recognize as urban and rural. Over a 5 acre junkyard that is no longer used, Sayle has created a farm right in the heart of downtown Buffalo.

Such an ambitious project is not without complications, and Sayle mainly claims that those issues are due to the livestock issues. In a rural setting, animal control isn’t as tight as it is in cities. Were a cow to escape a rural farm, for example, it would simply be a joke among the farmers. In an urban area, it could be disastrous.

Still, by having farmland so close to the city, it allows New York residents to live in the city, but also take up a job on farmland. The food produced by the farm takes far less time to arrive at its final destination, and the soil provided by their unique choice of locations allows Sayle to have the absolute best crops in the area.

The risks and considerations may be greater for having a farm in an urban area, but overall the benefits far outweigh the opposition. In today’s economy, anything that provides more jobs to residents of the United States in need is worth the complications.


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