Detroit to put its unharnessed potential on display


Detroit’s famous museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art will have two showcases to display the potential existing in Detroit that is as of yet unused. From the destiny of factories to the inventions of the residents of Detroit, you need only look at the Museum to see in to Detroit’s future. The two exhibits, “Post-Industrial Complex” and “Vertical Urban Factory” are this year’s coming summer shows, and are sure to be a hit with museum goers.

Post-Industrial Complex revolves around the all call to Detroit’s inventors and fabricators, who submitted their work to be viewed in the exhibit. From homemade maple syrup to a handwoven grass basket, the exhibit aims to focus on production from an individual level. The two hundred odd submissions featured in the museum as well as in the companion book showcase the considerable talent of Detroit’s problem solvers and fabricators.

Vertical Urban Factory seeks to establish a new vision of how America looks at one of the most important innovations in the new age. Factories, which have made much of today’s progress in the United States possible, are infamous in Detroit, which is riddled with them. The exhibit shows the history of factories, as well as new ideas which may revolutionize factories in the coming era.

Overall, Detroit’s museum is one of the most informative and entertaining places to be this summer. While Post Industrial Complex started in Detroit, Vertical Urban Factory originated in New York. It is planned to continue on to other cities around the country.


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