Band Together NC raises $500k for Urban Ministries

The stereotypical city dweller is seen as being unable to see past their own needs. Insensitive and callous, battling over taxis, and dodging taxes, and live in some of the most polluted areas of the nation. Like many stereotypes, however, this most often is not the case. Band Together NC came together to prove just that in their amazing donation drive.

The charity concert managed to drum up over 500 thousand dollars for the local charitable group Urban Ministries, of Wake County, North Carolina. Starring was the headliner of the B52s, fans rocked out while circus performers showed off their talents. Local bands Big Something and Southern Culture on the Skids opened for the B52s, and more than 4,000 cheering charitable fans turned out in wacky outfits and fun wigs.

At the end of the night, the half million dollar check brought tears to the eyes of the recipients, and elicited cheers from the crowds. The total sum decimated most expectations of the evening, and really proves just how generous North Carolina can really be.

While it’s true that the average city dweller or businessman can be a bit short sighted, this event proves that the needs of the people who are most in need are not falling on deaf ears. It’s exciting to hear about this kind of event, and even more so to hear about the incredible amount of success that the day held, thanks to the bands, the fans, and Urban Ministries.


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