Watertown’s Dollar Dinners eases pocketbooks and hunger

Watertown, a city in northern New York, organized a program to help residents out in the frosty winter months. Because heating was so pricy, the program offered residents a warm meal and a chance to meet up with friends for only a dollar. The program’s success has branched out in to other churches and places of meeting, and is well regarded as a fun and interactive place of meeting.

The program’s success birthed a summer program with the same organization. Charitable food services have seen more growing needs from families during summer months, and approached Dollar Dinners about setting up a summer program in order to help hunger in another season, when it is still highly needed. It received $5000 seed money from its parent organization and set to work putting food on to plates and helping residents of urban Watertown meet and make friends under the sun.

With the program’s popularity, though, five thousand dollars was not enough to cover the needs. Andrew Mangione, the director of Urban Mission, the parent organization of Dollar Dinners, says “The dinners that will be done this summer are a testament to the churches holding them because they are stepping up to cover the cost of the dinners and provide these meals and fellowship opportunities.”

The churches reaching out to their communities, whether religious or secular, is an amazing show of generosity, and they are to be commended for it. With any luck, this project will get the attention it deserves, and will spread to other cities around the country.



One thought on “Watertown’s Dollar Dinners eases pocketbooks and hunger

  1. alison2012internship says:

    What an innovative way to get a community to come together! It’s great that this event is cheap, incorporates the joys of a warm winter meal, all while building a sense of community—something no coffee shop can provide.

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