San Francisco parents accused of slaying daughter’s pimp

When one’s daughter is on dire straits, it’s hard to imagine a place most parents WOULDN’T go to to save their child. Barry Gilton and Lupe Mercado did everything they could to save their daughter from Calvin Sneed, a gang member from Compton. They went to the police, warned their daughter, and when she went missing, added her to the registry of missing children. When police wouldn’t step in, however, the district attorney alleges that they took matters in to their own hands.

Calvin Sneed was found dead with multiple gun shot wounds in his chest. Witnesses claim the gunfire came from a silver bmw, a vehicle that the slighted parents indeed own. While the district attorney sympathizes with the plight of the parents, he says that they shouldn’t have taken the law in to their own hands.

My question on this matter is this: What did you expect them to do? I don’t, in general, support vigilantism, but when the police fail to protect and serve the public, sometimes the public doesn’t have a choice. While I don’t think what the couple did was correct, it is at least understandable. Hopefully this couple will receive light sentences if they are found guilty.


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