Olympic Committee in emergency meeting over ticket scandal

The London Olympic Committee has sat down to an emergency meeting over an alleged ticket scandal involving key people selling tickets to the events. Some attendees are complaining that they were charged well in excess of the listed ticket price, and are demanding recompense. If the claims are true, it would be extremely harmful to the reputation of the National Olympic Committee.

The sales on the black market are problematic for another reason. Committees belonging to different nations are only allowed to sell their allocation of tickets within their country. It’s a major offense to sell these tickets to other countries, allowing them a bigger representation at the event. While there have been recorded incidents of this almost every year the event is held, this is the first year that the scandal has been this wide spread.

It’s disappointing that an event meant to bring countries all over the world together in a show of solidarity and friendly competition is developing such a reputation for corruption and greed. Especially today, with the global economy and failing countries, it’s more important than ever to have a symbol of hope for all of mankind. It’s too bad that such a symbol is corrupted over a few Euros to the ticket.


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