Cleveland to be home of a new playground in revitalization efforts

KaBOOM! in conjunction with several local companies have come together to take children’s ideas and turn it in to the playground of their dreams. While the planning has been going on for months, it only took the horde of KaBOOM! volunteers a mere eight hours to erect the play area. KaBOOM! has worked with kids all over the country to give them a safe area to play.

“Foresters believes in providing opportunities for families to spend quality time together,” said Kasia Czarski, Foresters Senior Vice President, Chief Membership and Marketing Officer. “A playground is an important piece for the revitalization of a community. Not only does it provide a first step towards keeping children healthy, but it’s a safe, central location for the entire neighborhood to get together.”

It’s commonly quoted that children are our future, and not incorrectly. When looking at how to combat urban sprawl and make a city a nice place to live, it’s important to remember that the needs of the child are as important as those of young adults and the elderly. Without fostering our youth, we’ll simply have to redouble revitalization efforts later. This effort to work the creativity of children in to a safe place for them to play is amazing.


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