Wall Art used as a language class in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel, is home to perhaps one of the most unconventional classes available to its youth. Guy Sharett hosts a class where he and his students traverse the streets of Israel, and learn Hebrew from graffiti and urban art. Tel Aviv, rife with social and political problems, is full of commentary and protest, and plenty of Hebrew to study for the language class.

Organized on facebook, the students pay a small price of 50 shekels, or 12 American dollars, and follow Sharett on his tour of the ever evolving world of the graffiti gracing the streets of Tel Aviv. From commentary on the refugee crisis currently occurring  in Israel to twisting the words of philosophers to form a wake up call for the residents of the city, the graffiti gives raw and practical examples of Hebrew for the students to study.

It’s often said that urban art serves as a method of expression for those who would otherwise have no voice. As both a political commentary and a beautiful method of self expression, graffiti has been both reviled and celebrated, depending on who you ask. It’s amazing that Sharett is finding yet another benefit for urban art: Teaching.


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