Vandalism vs. Urban Art

Urban artwork has done much for the cities around America. Posing as a medium for artists to express political and social views, graffiti and other forms of urban art also serves to beautify the cities it graces. It’s unfortunate, then, that senseless vandalism has done so much to damage the public opinion of street artwork, mainly because they get lumped into one category.


Vandalism serves no real purpose, save for the thrill of breaking a law. Whether it’s teenagers out on a lark, or gang members marking their territories, these simplistic markings do nothing but cause harm to legitimate artists all over the country. When city dwellers get sick of seeing vandalism, they equally scorn legitimate art found on the walls of that same city.


It’s important for two things to happen. One, the public needs to be able to differentiate between murals and other forms of artistic expression from senseless vandalism. The second is that vandalism needs to end. While some may find it amusing to deface property with a can of spray paint, the long term effects could cause serious harm to legitimate artists all over the country. To put it more plainly: If a police officer sees someone with spray paint, they assume vandalism. It would be nice if, one day, they assumed artist instead.


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