Graffiti hate crime targets gay community during pride week

I’m a big supporter of graffiti and urban art. It’s long been my opinion that this  form of expression gives a voice to those who society have stripped of their ability to express themselves. For this reason, urban art is one of my favorite methods of expressing one’s societal and governmental views. When graffiti is used for hate, however, it becomes a blight on urban landscapes.

In Texas, during gay pride week, a group of four teenagers and young adults, as well as one other member who has not yet surrendered to police, tagged and vandalized several homes and were caught on camera. Using hateful language and pictures, they viciously attacked a homosexual family using spray paint on cars and houses in the neighborhood.

It goes to show that no matter how amazing a resource guerrilla art and urban art can be for those society won’t listen to, it can just as easily be twisted into a message of hatred and bigotry. Hopefully these youths truly are repentant for the crimes they’ve committed, as nothing can be quite as destructive as hatred.


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