Fifth Third Bank Gives Boots a New Lease on Life

Boots is a big, black fluffy long-haired feline, who was previously owned by Georgia Lee Dvorak of Berwyn, Ill. Then Georgia passed away and her will, which was written 20 years ago, was read. Georgia had rescued Boots from abuse, and so in her will she stated that she wanted Boots euthanized in the event of her death, in order to spare Boots any more abuse. Ms. Dvorak was an avid pet lover, who donated her $1.3 million estate to various animal charities around Chicago.

Her will was read by Fifth Third Bank, where someone took an unusual step out into kindness and decided that Boots deserved a better future. The bank sought to make one change in the will, and that was for the life of Boots. After seeking legal advice, Fifth Third Bank petitioned and on July 4th, 2012, Boots got a new home and a new lease on life.

There were 27 people who applied to take Boots, but the lucky winner was Diane Maxwell, the cousin of a senior VP at Fifth Third Bank, so this unbelievable act of kindness has a very happy ending. Check your local Humane Society to save a cat of your own!


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