It seems as if bike lanes have become a norm in New York, six years after the Bloomberg administration decided to add 255 miles of bicycle lanes to the city.

A recent poll suggests that everyone is basically gotten used to the bike lanes, despite the fact that there were huge amounts of anger in the news and tabloids to begin with. But despite the fact that everyone seems to have gotten used to it there doesn’t seem to be anyone more riding in the city. A third of the adults in the city have said that they own a bike, but half of those questioned said that they said once a week or more.

And the Paris-style bike-sharing network hasn’t worked out as expected. But most people still are happy that the lanes exist- if only because it’s stopped the cyclists from riding on the sidewalk.

Others are upset, thinking that the bike lanes are making already narrow streets dangerous and hinder both parking and vehicle traffic. Some of that is simply because the bicyclists don’t actually follow the rules.

“Everyone should be going in the same direction, and if we’re stopping, they should also be stopping and not weaving and bobbing in traffic, because it is a hazard for everyone else,” said Gloria Tingue (41), an occupational therapist in Brooklyn.


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