Nor’easter Headed to NYC

If you’re one of the millions of New Yorkers who’re waiting for life to regain a sense of normalcy, a good resource for you to tap into might be the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA). Even if you’re not a resident, the organization is providing some great resources and information for people across all five boroughs.


For example, going to their website’s home page shows a list of over a dozen links to helpful resources, such as storm information, food truck locations, transportation services to overnight shelters, parks information, medical van locations, and press releases. Before the hurricane hit, they also provided residents with a helpful emergency preparedness guide to help ensure safety in all stages of the storm. Since then, they’ve kept residents updated through further newsletters and social media alike.


And though Sandy has passed, these resources will continue to be extremely helpful, especially since there’s another, smaller storm heading in. The nor’easter is expected to create another storm surge of 3 to 5 feet. Still, residents are being advised that low-lying coastal areas are likely to be re-flooded and to be particularly cautious because of the previous structural damage caused by Sandy last week.


If you’re a park-goer, you should also stay apprised of the situation. Unfortunately, with all the damage to parks and the looming nor’easter headed our way, parks are once again being closed from Wednesday, November 7th until Thursday, November 8th. Being in a public park during the impending storm could be potentially dangerous under normal circumstances; so soon after Sandy it’s even more so.


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