NYCHA Residents Get Reduced Rent

Good news for NYCHA Residents who were affected by Superstorm Sandy: January’s rent will be reduced. Sandy caused power to be knocked out, water and heat to be turned off, and generally wreaked havoc on many people. According to CBS New York, NYCHA is keeping this in mind going into the New Year, and has decided to adjust residents’ January bills to help residents out.


“As any landlord would do, if you cannot provide elevators, heat and water to tenants, your obligation is to really give them credit,” said Emily Youssouf, NYCHA’s Vice Chair. “We’re trying to do everything we can, obviously, to help our tenants.”


Though Sandy flew through at the end of October, making rent adjustments will take awhile. NYCHA has about a half million residents overall, and many were affected by the storm. NYCHA residents accounted for about half the people who lost electricity and other amenities following Sandy. Before handing out credits, they have a few things to get in order.


“We have a lot of tenants who were impacted in certain developments, and just getting that data into the computer system and getting the rent bills out, we don’t have enough time before December ret bills to get out,” said Youssouf.


As would be expected, many residents are relieved to hear that they’ll be getting a break. “We were out at a number of developments yesterday,” Youssouf said. “I was in Coney Island, Rod Hook and the Rockaways, and I can tell you I was telling people about this, and everyone was very, very relieved.”


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