CODA “Party Wall” Wins 2013 YAP Award

Earlier this month, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and MoMA PS1 announced that Caroline O’Donnell, Ithaca, NY (CODA) was the winner of its 2013 Young Architects Program (YAP). CODA was chosen as the 14th annual winner for the program, which asks emerging architects to design innovative projects for temporary outdoor installations. The installations must address environmental sustainability and other issues such as recycling, and must provide water, seating, and shade.


CODA was chosen this year for its project, Party Wall, which was designed as a temporary landscape for the 2013 Warm Up summer music series. The installation will open in June at MoMA PS1 in Long Island City. Using recycled material from skateboard production, Party Wall is a “pavilion and flexible experimental space that uses large-scale, linear form to provide shade for the Warm Up crowds, in addition to other functions.”


“CODA’s proposal was selected because of its clever identification and use of locally available resources—the waste products of skateboard-making—to make an impactful and poetic architectural statement within MoMA PS1’s courtyard,” said MoMA’s Department of Architecture and Design curator Pedro Gadanho.


Party Wall arches over the various available spaces, activating them for different purposes, while making evident that even the most unexpected materials can always be reinvented to originate architectural form and its ability to communicate with the public,” he added.


The installation is porous and tall, with the skateboard’s interlocking wooden pieces providing a sunscreen. The entire structure is held in place using fabric containers filled with water, and some of the panels are detachable for use as benches and tables. Staging areas will be created using reclaimed wood, and the area has several pools of water to be used for cooling stations or covered for additional stage space. The entire CODA structure also serves as an aqueduct and can project water via pressure tank as mist or straight into the cooling pools.


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