Katharsis Theater Company


There are many different kinds of theater groups these days. One group might be more modern, another centered around song and dance, a third somewhere in between the two. Katharsis Theater Company is one group that keeps classic theater alive and well.


They produce “revitalized productions of plays from the classical canon, old and new” and “believe that classic plays can and should be dynamic and visceral, exciting contemporary audiences with their surprising relevance.” Indeed, there is a good reason why classic tales of love and loss, war and trials have stuck with us for so long: they strike a chord of truth within our hearts even today.


Katharsis was founded by Henry Wishcamper and Sasha Nyary in 2005 with this idea of universal truths, conditions, and experiences at the forefront of their vision. They included two other requirements for the plays produced at Katharsis: they must be both compelling and ambitious stories.


Like many groups dedicated to the work of Shakespeare, Katharsis produces dramatic interpretations of classic tales; in this way, it brings to audiences a unique experience despite the long-told tale.


Located in New York City, Katharsis is managed by a Henry Wishcamper, Artistic Director, and a board of directors. The board includes Florence Peyrelongue Guerra (President), Rebecca Muller (Treasurer), Joyce Mannis (Secretary), Alex Krulic, Sasha Nyary, Tony Rosen, and Tom Uger.


According to its website, Katharsis is currently on “artistic hiatus,” and is not currently running any productions or financial contributions. They are accepting headshots and resumes for future projects, though, so we hope to see them up and running again soon.


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