Three Must-Have Nerdy Gadgets

There are plenty of high-tech gadgets on the market today, some more popular than others. Many already have a smartphone and a tablet at their disposal, and while those have many great features, they certainly don’t have it all. Here are three high-tech gadgets that could make your life easier.

Digital Pens: In a digital age, sometimes it can feel impractical taking notes by hand. Having information stored digitally is both safer and easier to organize and find when you need it. But typing on a laptop during a meeting can also feel impersonal and disconnected. It’s with that ideology that Livescribe launched its “digital pen.” The pen comes with special paper on which you can take physical notes… but then you can sync the notes you take and they will be converted to a digital text file. Of you can use the pen to record your voice, which can also then be translated into a digital text file.

Phone Charging Case: Smartphones are prone to dying unexpectedly, especially for those that get the most use out of them. Traveling with a charging cable can be cumbersome, and there’s never a guarantee that you’ll have access to a plug when you need one. Enter the phone charging case, which will charge your phone as you carry it around. You can find solar powered cases and battery powered. Check out this list of seven iPhone cases that will do the trick.

Businesspeople these days are also taking advantage of phone charging cases, digital pens, and wi-fi hotspots.

Your iPhone is better when it won’t run out of battery life.

Wi-Fi Hotspots: These can be lifesavers during times of travel, particularly if you are of the business inclination. Your phone might not always be able to connect to 4G, and there’s certainly no guarantee of Wi-Fi wherever you go, especially if that place is a foreign country. But one thing you can do is purchase a separate Wi-Fi hotspot, which can plug into laptops and tablets to connect to the Internet wherever you are.


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