The New Gmail Will Ruin or Streamline Your Life

E-mail, just like paperwork, can get out of hand easily. Image: SF Weekly

Google announced a new version of Gmail this week, one that is trailing away from the beautiful simplicity it was built on to a page that will include different tabs for messages, promotions, social updates, page checks and discussion.  The Andriod version of the new email look is set to launch in a few short weeks, with the web version following shortly after.  The application is clearly designed for touch screens and mobile devices and is aimed to make it easier to organize your email messages.

Of course, it just looks like an easier way for Google to encourage use of their many services, such as Google+ and YouTube, with their own special “social” tab.

The new Gmail layout could help users stay organized... or drive them crazy.

The new Gmail layout could help users stay organized… or drive them crazy.

On the other hand, email inboxes these days can certainly get crowded.  In a world where nearly a third of our work time is spent sending and receiving email, it might be better for Google to try and make it more organized.  Bills, confirmations and flight information go to one tab, mailing list emails go to another, and personal messages to your main inbox.  Still, it is up to the user to make sure Google knows where to send what, and having to hop from tab to tab to check your messages could be maddening.

The new layout is definitely dependent on what kind of online user you are.  The good news is that you are able to switch between the new and the old Gmail layouts in case you aren’t a fan of the new one.  What do you think of the new Gmail tabs?


2 thoughts on “The New Gmail Will Ruin or Streamline Your Life

  1. Mad Few says:

    The new layout is a needless level of overcomplication at the expense of functionality. I mean, seriously, has *anyone* out there been sitting around, thinking “Man, what my email account really needs is to essentially be divided up into several different email accounts using the same piss-poor engine that fails at spam sorting, thereby ensuring I overlook or forget even more email than before!”?

    Somehow, I’m guessing not.

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