New York City’s Best Food On Four Wheels

Wafels and Dinges

Street vendors and gourmet food trucks have revolutionized the way that people eat in New York City, and New Yorkers are eating very, very well. You no longer have to call weeks in advance to reserve a spot in one of NYC’s best restaurants. Instead, look no further than to one of the city’s hundreds of food trucks for delicious culinary offerings.

Food trucks, like restaurants, come in all shapes and sizes, and food truck cooks, like restaurant cooks, want to please their customers with creative, tasty, and relatively inexpensive dishes. In just about every nook and cranny in New York City there’s a food truck parked, just waiting for you to walk up and order a snack, a meal, or a beverage…

Here are some of New York City’s most notable food trucks du jour, and how to find them:


Wafels and Dinges. This beloved New York-based company sends out a fleet of trucks daily, specializing in creating delicious Belgian waffles and offering a selection of sweet and savory “dinges” (toppings), such as pulled pork and strawberries. They even have their own GPS satellite feed to help you find a nearby truck at any time.

$2-$10, locations change daily.



Chicken and waffles ice cream between two hotcake cookies.
Photo: Emma Story via Flickr CC

Coolhaus. This sweet food truck is absolutely incredible. Choose from nearly twenty rotating cookies and almost 100 artisanal ice cream flavors to create the ultimate ice cream cookie sandwich. Candied bacon ice cream scooped between two hotcake cookies? Um, yes please! Fried chicken and waffles ice cream complemented by carrot cake cookies? Seriously? Yes! Visit Coolhaus and you’ll never look at an ice cream sandwich the same way again.

$6, locations change daily.

Luke’s Lobster on the “Nauti” Truck. If you ever want to find a simple, scrumptious lobster roll in NYC, look no further than Luke’s Lobster. A company with a philosophy rooted in sustainability, they make their lobster rolls in the classic Maine style, with a little mayo, a touch of lemon butter, and their secret seasonings. It’s a bit pricey for a food truck, but if fresh seafood is your thing, it’s worth every penny.

$8-$40, Midtown, the Flatiron Dist., locations change daily.  

Though some food trucks can be harder than others to find, apps and GPS tracking services are making it easier than ever to discover new mobile food! Check out this NYC Food Truck Tracker to find a food truck near you!

Cover Photo: Peter Dutton / Joe Shlabotnik via Flickr CC


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